Working With Schools

Caring for the Crane

In 2023 we worked with three schools to hear young people's experiences of and visions for the rivers and green spaces in the Crane valley as part of the work with the New Citizenship Project.

The methodology for this work was to take students from 3 schools in the catchment to green space near to their school for practical sessions such as litterpicking before holding a workshop to discuss and record:

  • what the young people found, what they like and dislike about the green/blue space and how it makes them feel.
  • how they think parks and natural environments should be taken care of.
  • how these spaces to be improved for people and wildlife and what they might look like in the future.

The report from these workshops is here: Caring for the Crane 2023 Workshop Findings

The First Crane Schools forum was held on 30th November 2023 to explore the themes that came out of the workshops. We are grateful to the schools who participated for their enthusiasm.

Schools forum 2023